International project management (bomb cont’d)

In the aftermath of the bomb blast in Abuja, I got a forwarded message today saying that Boko Haram had set bombs on 30 BRT buses in Lagos.
Right after I remembered that this was the scene from some movie (Traitor with Don Cheadle) I also realised the complete ludicrousness of the whole thing.
Not to make light of a bad situation, but some things cannot be treated with any gravity. I know a lot of “professional” Nigerians, people working in the corporate world. And amongst that group of fairly competent people, I would be hard pressed to find two people who can keep to time and perform one task at the exact same time.

Much less blow up 30 different buses simultaneously.

A job of that magnitude, requiring that much precision, would have to be outsourced to Boko Haram’s Chad office or something. It just can’t be done in-house. And we’re not talking about Nigerians trained in Somali like they’re claiming to have. It would need foreign operatives.

So…. myth busted.

On the off chance that the bombs go off, don’t look at me. I didn’t say it couldn’t be done, I just said it would be difficult to do with local talent.


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