I only read to pass

There is a phrase I’ve been running into a lot more recently. Say I’m talking to someone, they glance into my bag and see two books.
Then the person says, “oh, you read a lot”, I say yes, and then they continue offhandedly speaking about themselves, “as for me o, I ONLY READ TO PASS.”

In the same offhanded way, they don’t see the shocked look on my face or hear the loud thump as my jaw hits the ground.

Huh? What do you mean ‘You only read to pass’?

So for a given subject or class, these people won’t even read to understand it. They are only interested in doing the bare minimum required to pass. If that requires reading, then *sigh* I guess we’ll do it, but if it doesn’t…

The sad part about it is that some of the people who say this to me are teachers and mothers.

Can you imagine someone like that teaching your child?
She won’t search for external material to support her topics.
She won’t suggest that the students think outside the box or seek additional knowledge.
She will spit out the textbook with no changes to the children and mark their returned papers by rigidly matching their answers to the expected answers from the textbook.

And this person will be partially responsible for the growth of your child in their formative years when she is neither growing nor a firm believer in growth.

Then she will look me in the eye with a straight face and say, “I only read to pass”

Your child is probably better off on the streets. At least on the streets, adaptation and independent thought are encouraged.

Grrr….. I really hope she is lying.

Two weeks ago, we got a new intern at work who is a final year Information Technology student. And knows nothing about computers. She somehow managed to make it most of the way through a university degree without picking up an iota of information related to her degree. And no one else at work seems surprised by this.

Then as a final insult, she picks up one of my books, rolls her eyes and hisses as she drops it.
I can’t help myself, I lunge across the table and wrap my fingers tightly around her throat.

What? What did you expect?


4 thoughts on “I only read to pass

  1. This is unfortunately true of a lot of college students. They just need the paper that says they’ve obtained a degree. Any random question outside the textbook throws ’em off. It’s so bad, teachers that require extra work are viewed as the evil ones 😦

  2. ‘Then the person says, “oh, you read a lot”, I say yes, and then they continue offhandedly speaking about themselves, “as for me o, I ONLY READ TO PASS.” ‘

    I’m almost ALWAYS with a book everywhere I go and I pretty much hear the same thing even here in the UK. It’s saddening that reading is seen as a chore. It’s a pity people don’t know what they miss by reading. It’s not been helped by the reading to pass mentality that’s been shoved to students by teachers who have to meet certain standards set by the government. No one wants to understand the idea behind a subject. Everyone just wants to pass. Oda o.

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