TT: dead horse

Someone asked me how I am able to let go of the past and move on.
Short answer, I don’t.
Long answer?

In all traffic jams, there is a spot where the lanes merge. Before that point, you have five or six lanes of cars, then you get to the obstruction, everyone changes, and the traffic shrinks into two lanes to get past it.

Every time this situation arises, there is always a guy who does not acknowledge that his lane has shrivelled up around him. While everyone else is scrambling, the man will refuse to join any of the two new lanes.

Maybe he believes that somewhere in the distance, the original five lanes will form again and people will be looking for him, wondering, “Where is Mr Red Toyota? We can’t continue without him. Let us send out a search party to look for Mr. Red Toyota.”
Or he thinks he will be rewarded for his commitment,
“Well done, faithful servant, you remained steadfast when everyone else was abandoning their lanes.”

He will remain in his old lane, avoiding eye contact with other drivers so he doesn’t have to admit his mistake. He will inch forward slowly towards the wreckage of the accident or off the edge of the road until someone knocks on the window of his car and yells,  “IDIOT!!”

I am that man.

Welcome to Thirsty Tuesdays.

2 thoughts on “TT: dead horse

    • Hmm… I worry about that all the time. About not knowing when to give up and when to keep fighting? And depending on where you stand on that line, you’re either weak, or bold, or crazy.
      I think they should create a remix of The Serenity Prayer that says, God give me the common sense to know when to give up and when to keep fighting.
      Either way, all is fair in love, war, and traffic.

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