the grinch who stole music

The absolute worst thing about Nigeria is the radio.

All the stations play the same music.
Which is fine if you like clubbing, love dancing, and are content to only listen to music that other people are telling you is popular.

If you’re one of those people with a mind of your own that is the same as everyone else’s, then you can tune into any station and you are guaranteed to hear, “Up next is the hottest beat that everyone is talking about” then they’ll play that song you’ve heard in a million places.

Heck, if you just rolled down the window of your car, you would hear the same music blaring from the speakers at the roadside market stalls.

And when that song is over, they’ll play next in line, the second hottest jam.

And all the songs are the same. Some singing, some rapping, some auto-tuning, a few mentions of the name of the singer and his favourite DJ, all layered over heavily produced beats.
Basically, if it sounds like Snoop Dogg can squeeze a verse in there, they’ll play it.

The only reprieve you get is for a few hours on Sunday morning when everyone plays Christian music, or during the Christmas season when they all play jingles.

I tell you, this is a savage land.


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