rainbow smoke and exploding mirrors

Anyone who knows a Nigerian has argued with a Nigerian. And anyone who has argued with a Nigerian knows that you never argue on logic, you argue on emotion

I was in the car listening to one of the morning shows on radio when the commentator started talking about international reaction to Nigeria’s anti gay bill.

The radio presenter goes on and on and he ends with, “In America, when people die, they can leave everything in their will to their dog. And they are trying to tell us what to do? We do not accept that! We do not want gay marriage!”

So on the issue of gay marriage, the nation’s opinion is clear.
But this is also a question of rights.

The gay rights debate shouldn’t be about whether I personally want gay people to be together. The proper question is, if two people were gay and partook of any randomness in their home, what should our society’s response be?
And if a third person were to sit in his home, and write about the anti-gay bill saying it didn’t make sense. What should society’s response to this observer/”supporter” be?

In both cases, we have chosen ‘Kick the door in and drag them off to prison’ as our preferred response.
Ten years for the supporter.

No one thinks Nigeria’s legal system in its current incarnation can enforce this bill. It will exist entirely as the tool of a witch-hunt, whipped out when someone’s career needs to be ruined, used to drag journalists to the gallows when they get too vocal.

So let’s call the timing and popularity of this bill what it is.
It is a ruse.
It is a ruse to distract us from all the important problems we have.

At the beginning of the year, the loudest complaints Nigerians had were the bloated salaries of government and the lack of security.
Now at the end of the year, both issues are still untouched.
Instead, we’ve been told what things we should care about. We are united under the anti-gay bill and blindsided by the removal of the fuel subsidy.

The same people that prayed for safety and security at the beginning of the year are now thanking God that our (corrupt and immoral) government has finally done something about “the gay thing” while churches blow up in the background.

We have sacrificed our people on the altar of emotion.


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