TT: new year, old attitude

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a revolution going on. Situations like this bring up the subject of death and what counts as “acceptable sacrifice”, especially because it comes at the start of a new year.

Towards the end of any year, people pray specifically to survive the last few weeks, to see the new year.

I was at a meeting where the guy prayed for the ’ember months. “God, please let us make it through the ’ember months because that’s when many people die.”

I was not comforted.

What about the ‘uary months, dude?

Would it make any difference if I died in the last few days of December or early in January? Has any mother ever been comforted with the words “at least he saw the new year”?

The same people sit around apprehensively watching the final seconds of the old year tick away and go wild once the new year swings in.
If you have no real plans for the new year besides more safe living, what are you so excited about?

The thing is everybody dies in one of two ways, either unexpectedly or expectedly.

For something so certain, few of us are prepared to die unexpectedly. We seldom have our affairs in order, our secrets neatly wrapped up, dependants’ wellbeing planned for.

Fewer still are bold enough to die expectedly, to selflessly battle a long illness knowing there is no return to normal at the end of it.
What do you talk about to the people that come to see you? About your impending death, their future plans? Rarely. We talk about the now, the mediocre. We sidestep the obvious.

In the end, whether you get a lot of time or a little time, you wake up everyday and you try to do something meaningful.

*covers face with wet handkerchief and runs into tear gassed street*

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