They should be committed

A committee was created to find out exactly how many committees there are in the Nigerian Senate and House of Reps.
What this committee, the Committee Count Verification Committee (CCVC), discovered was that there are over 100 different committees between the two houses.

The CCVC presented their findings at the next House sitting and there was an uproar as the representatives disagreed with the report. The findings were dismissed as biased, alleged to be fraudulent, skewed towards the desire of a cabal that sought to undermine the power of the legislature by diminishing the effectiveness of their committees.

At the point of the allegation, the head of the CCVC, stood up and delivered a slap to the face of his accuser. It was a resounding slap, like all proper slaps are.
The people who were there that day said the accuser’s eyes bulged so far out, they thought the CCVC leader had dislodged them from their sockets.

After a brief struggle, the head of CCVC was escorted out by two policemen, and the meeting continued without him.

The House was quieted and the meeting concluded with the members agreeing to create two new committees. The first to investigate the fraud allegations against the CCVC. And the second to re-validate the count results submitted by the first committee.

An additional motion was put forward to look into the increase in violence at the house meetings. Someone seconded it, and the speaker of the house suggested that a committee be put together for this task as well.

To this, everyone voted, “Aye”


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