Taking responsibility

My favorite commercial on Nigerian television is one on NTA international that starts like this:

Over a sweeping shot of lush savannah, ominous music plays, and a baritone voice suddenly shouts, “The devil is a liar!”

Then the word DEVIL is written on the screen three times in bold red font:


The announcer, in the same deep voice, says, “Don’t let the devil divide Nigeria.”
Then he lists a series of things that the devil has done so far. Like, don’t let the devil steal our jobs, don’t let the devil rob us of our education… etc.

I especially like a part close to the end, where the announcer blames the devil for corruption. This accusation is set to footage of a man running up some stairs carrying a bucket overflowing with dollar bills.

I suppose that man is representative of the devil. Or, more honestly, the personal assistant of a government official.

The commercial rounds up with, “This advertisement is brought to you by the Nigerian Ministry of Information.”

Now, it helps to remember that during the last elections, a bystander reported that unstamped ballots were being taken to the house of the Minister of Information.
Upon reporting this election fraud, the whistle-blower was arrested and paraded in front of news cameras as an example of what not to do when faced with wrongdoing.


4 thoughts on “Taking responsibility

    • Yes o! The only problem is that to catch it, you’ll have to watch NTAi. Try between 8 and 10pm. Good luck.
      I looked for the ad online, and when I didn’t find it, I briefly considered sitting in front of the TV crouched over a VCR for hours trying to record it when it came on.
      I don’t have the constitution for that.

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