Targeted marketing

My favourite radio commercial starts with a girl making a phone call to someone she calls ‘Chief’

She starts out hailing him, “Chief, Chief”
He responds and adds what sounds like some light flirting.
“How are you, my dear? How are things?”

She launches straight into complaining about all her problems. “Chief, you know, my rent is due. My landlord won’t stop harassing me” and so on.

Chief tells her calm down, that he will send her some money, but he doesn’t know when he can make it to the bank, and how long it will take.

The marketing minx pounces on this, and says, “Chief, haven’t you heard about the new Enterprise mobile banking?”

She sells him on this new system, which he uses to send her the money

In the second part of the commercial, Chief calls her to tell her he sent the money.

She thanks him, and then says, “Chief, Chief, my ultimate performer.”

I was already feeling awkward about their whole relationship. But as soon as she called him that, I was forced to puncture my ear drums.

I didn’t hear what happened next. Probably harmrobbers came on to sell insurance?


11 thoughts on “Targeted marketing

  1. Please don’t tell me that there won’t be a post on Tue as there are 2 posts today….logging onto your blog has now become like a ritual that I practice every Tuesday and Friday lol.

    • I blame all of you, for holding me to such high standards. In this cycle, if people comment, I think they are reading and try to do better. If they don’t comment, I think they aren’t impressed and try to do better. 
      I’m trapped *stifles sob* 
      *whispers* send help… 

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