10 thoughts on “that popular chicken joke

  1. ha ha ha…of course the chicken always gets to the other side of the road. Now we should ask…HOW did the chicken cross the road.

  2. Oh gosh, good thing she was ok. I love the way you described her posture with the orange ball.

    (you will soon get very tired of me saying I love this and that about your writing, it’s not my fault, how about you try sucking a little (at writing o))

  3. Is it just me, or is there something really deeply sad about this? Don’t know. I just feel so sorry for the woman…. maybe cos she’s so old… and somehow also because she was hit and injured and she didn’t die.

    I’m just getting this ‘oh, she lives to get hit by another car some other day’ vibe…. maybe it’s just me.

    • True… I struggled with that, with deciding whether to play up the woman’s pain, but it is what it is. She’ll go home like it was a regular day. She might have internal injuries and die that night, or have pain for the rest of her life, but it is not like she’ll “see a specialist” for it. And even if the driver had killed her, I don’t know that he would be tormented by it.

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