21 thoughts on “Monopoly (Nigerian Edition)

    • When is this birthday, so I know how much time I have.

      But practically speaking, it shouldn’t be too hard to make this.
      In traffic jam in Lagos, you see hawkers selling the Monopoly game. They can’t all be imported, there has to be some place that is printing them out. You just have to find that place to make the game after it is complete and tap into their supply chain.
      For the game, you can keep some of the existing rules. Change the chance and community chest cards. Change the Railroads to Bus Parks: Utako, Obalende, Ojota.
      Don’t give the people ₦200 when they pass Go. Hold it till they get to the Red set to mimic the timeliness of govt paying salaries. Include ghost workers that randomly get ₦200 and disappear into thin air.
      Add 10% to the price of purchasing everything. Remove luxury tax and make it a bonus.
      Thinking….. thinking….

      • See…it’s possible 🙂 it is next may. May 13th so 8 months from now? Excited.com! This would be so cool and it can be markeyed. New business opportunity! Also, I’m terribly curious. Who IS naijarookie?

    • *pops head with pin*
      *it deflates and buzzes around the room like a balloon*
      On the bright side, I couldn’t possibly keep this up. Let’s prepare for some epic failure tomorrow, or just me running away again. This is how I handle things.

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