The Wizard of Us

In the aftermath of the Dana crash, there was outrage, finger pointing, and denouncements. “I give up,” one tweet read, “I’m done with this government.”

Someone mentioned that this particular tragedy hit the Nigerian online community the hardest because we are a small group. The tweeting, blogging, middle upper class clique is tiny and everyone knows everyone else. We are the people most affected by disaster in a luxury industry like aviation is here.

That is true.

But what is also true is that we are the people most likely to effect change, that this group of socially aware, internet armchair activists contains many of the people who will be in positions of power tomorrow. It is impossible to come online, see the potential in the wide variety of people and not realise that.

So even if you don’t hold out any hope for our current crop of leaders, we should start to hold each other accountable because the responsibility for the things we are complaining about today will soon fall on us.

If after your outcry, you ascend and you forget and you turn your back on your people, we reserve the right to unfollow you, unfriend you, and insult you.

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