Disclaimer 2012

One of two things is going to happen here. Either you are going to get bored or I am. But it is more likely going to be you.
To stave off this inevitability, I will be throwing some random things into the mix here to distract you.
I suspect that some of these things might work, but many won’t. And that is fine. I have to get used to trying new things and handling the disappointment when they fail.
And you? You will have to adjust too.
Comment when you don’t like something, and adding details on why it does or doesn’t work for you will help as well.

I read somewhere -I don’t remember where now- that a body of work should be able stand on its own, that it shouldn’t need to have a description at the start explaining it to enable it to be understood or enjoyed. I have tried to adhere to that here, so this is a blanket disclaimer for everything that will come up.

Some will be true, some will be false. Some will be offbeat and some will be morose. Some might even be offensive, for those you have my apologies. For the things that are true, I am not necessarily proud of them, but they happened and they are being written here, however imperfectly.


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